Sketches for The Adventures of Cardboard Man: The New Boots

The Adventures of Cardboard Man: Behind the Scenes

I always love looking at unused artwork or concept sketches for books and animated films. With the first book that I illustrated,The Adventures of Cardboard Man, having been released earlier this year I thought that it would be fun to share some of the character design drawings and sketches that I drew up while working on the book. Doing this kind of process work really helps me to both get into the world of the characters I'm illustrating and to better understand how the characters look, move, feel, and act. If you'd like to check out the final artwork and read more about the book, stop by The Adventures of Cardboard Man website. Enjoy!

Cardboard Man Model Sheet

Cardboard Man character model sheet
Cardboard Man facial expressions

Rag Doll Model Sheet

Rag Doll character model sheet


Spot illustration sketches for The Adventures of Cardboard Man: The New Boots